Importance of Site Speed in SEO

Back when I was clueless about SEO and related matters, I use the Internet for convenience not thinking of the different factors that affect my experience. Most of us just click, search, open websites – probably the typical Internet user’s attitude.

But if we are going to dig deeper into the systems of Internet and websites – there are a lot of things that we should know about, or at least be aware of. If you are a page owner, this would be a must-read for you. We will talk about the importance of site speed in SEO or how it affects your ranking on the web.

What is site speed?

Site speed, web page loading time or page speed is all the same. They pertain to how fast or slow the site takes to load or show all its contents. Obviously, faster site speed is preferred and suggested to all page owners. There are different factors as to why some pages load slower and faster, and why it matters to SEO.

Several groups offer services to improve SEO and related services, but you need a reliable web development company to help you address the following issues:

Why some pages load slower

Unoptimized coding:

Some systems and coding take more time to load up fully. If the one that you are using is not optimized, you might be up for some trouble. Don’t forget that the website’s code is considered to be its primary structure.

Large images:

As much as we want to showcase A+ graphics and contents, these media might be causing you some massive delay in loading your website. If you will observe, downloading large files eat a lot of time and data, and so it does when it is charging from a page.

Outdated apps:

Most, if not all websites, have incorporated different third-party applications, widgets, plugins and applications for various purposes. For example, a page is for shopping, and the site has apps that will help it achieve its goal of letting the visitors conveniently view the items and buy online. Unfortunately, if the apps that you are using in your web is not updated, it will downgrade its site speed.

Slow hosting carriers:

You get to check if your service provider is the one that makes you lose the game. If all things fail, switch to different hosting service.


Aside from irritating your visitors, too many ads and pop-ups harm your site speed. Imagine how many of these nuisances will load together with your main page.

Site theme and design: We want to feature good stuff on our page, right? However, overly fancy themes and designs are also factors to your slowing site speed. The aesthetic appearance should not compromise the quality of your site. Do note that the more complicated your overall design is, the higher it decelerates your site speed.

How site speed is related to SEO

Aside from getting an established and reliable web development company to help you with your site speed, you should also know the reasons why this is related to SEO.

Site speed is crucial for ranking of pages

Google announced that how fast or slow your site is going to load will be part of the ranking factors. Our aim is for our web pages to be part of the first pages in the search engines or that they should surface easier. There are tons of websites online, and yours might be just a tiny dot. You need to have a faster loading time for it to have a better chance of ranking up.

It matters to your users and visitors

Internet users and page visitors tend to close the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, as according to a study done by Google. People nowadays want something instant and quicker than ever. If your site can’t keep up to the game, you need to contact a web development company to help you ASAP.

This will make your page and website better in different ways

Need to say less, having a faster response and loading time affects your page positively. Visitors will stay longer on your website, your page ranking has an excellent probability to rank up, and it will fulfill its purpose.

It is time to check how efficient your website is with regards to site speed. Some pages offer free checking of loading. Know yours now and contact a stable and dependable web development company to assist you with your needs.

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