Server Hosting Services – Cloud-Based Web Hosting in Focus

Cloud-based web hosting is a new type of web hosting technology. It allows multiple servers to work in fruition acting like one giant server. The idea behind this concept is that the web hosting provider can beef up. Or add more hardware as the need arises so as to make larger cloud storage solution.

The cloud-based server hosting services provide hosting for different sites with the use of virtual servers. This follows after the cloud computing model which is available online as a service and not as a product. This is a great advantage for businesses. Because they can easily tap into the cloud service as much as they need to. And depending too on the requirements of the website.

Server Hosting Services

Why Go For Cloud-Based Server Hosting Services?

Amongst server hosting services, the cloud-based web hosting type is a savvy alternative to web hosting with the use of single servers. This too can be considered as a familiar concept as that of clustered hosting wherein websites are typically hosted using multiple servers. With cloud-based hosting, they use a network of servers. That are coming from different data centers across different locations in the world to make up a cloud storage solution.

Cloud-based web server hosting services fall under these categories: Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Under IaaS, the client is given a virtual hardware resource where they can easily install their software before structuring their web application. While in the PaaS, the client is given outright with a software environment; at which they could go ahead to installing the web application. The IaaS model is customizable while the PaaS is easy to use even without technical know-how.

Public or Private Cloud Storage Solution?

Server hosting services that include cloud storage solution hosting involve mainly public cloud model types wherein websites are hosted individually on virtual servers that is pulled out from the same cloud resource. Although servers are shared, cloud data is always guaranteed secure and private. If you require stronger privacy and security of data; then your business should look into cloud hosting services with the use of private clouds which could be located on the cloud provider or onsite.

The use of cloud storage solution web hosting has been proven to be cost-effective because you only pay for what you use. There is no wastage because resource is immediately available on demand. Resource is available on real-time and is not limited at all by server storage capacity. If clients need extra resource; it can be accessed right away if there are spikes or surges in traffic on the site.

The advantage of opting for cloud-based web hosting is that you can access you files right away even when server hosting services is offline; the rest of the network of virtual servers would make sure the website remains unscathed and files are ready for access, syncing; and sharing capabilities at any point necessary.

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